Tekken 8: Kazuya Mishima has the right to his gameplay trailer, he puts fairgrounds from fairground

After Nina Williams at the beginning of February, it is Kahuna Minima’s turn to be in the spotlight of this new gameplay video of Taken 8. The communication of the game seems to have entered a phase of presentation of the different combatants
that we are going to discover in this new opus to the realization that is always so neat.
We obviously remain far from the very first trailer for Pipe gameplay that Mutsuhito Hard had sworn to be true, but reality has caught up his lies.
This will not prevent us from taking advantage of the most impactful attacks of Karachi’s son who will not hesitate to take his demonic form to call on his more powerful powers.
In its initial form, Kahuna puts beautiful fairground potatoes to his opponents who will have a hard time getting up after such a shock.


The release of Taken 8 has still not been communicated, but we know that the game will arrive at PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.