Steam Record for Eternity: Over 3 Million Players Frolicking on PUBG Servers at the Same Time!

PUBG can no longer improve his enormous success at the end of 2017-other well-known hits have rated the Fight Royale.
However, the shooter still has a document as well as it looks as if it is taken into consideration eternity.

PUBG has been safeguarding Vapor record for 4 years

In December 2017, a shooter was launched with PUBG, which laid the structure for a totally new category: Battle Royale.
PUBG is still incredibly popular today-especially given that the F2P transition.
Yet the game can no much longer construct on the variety of players soon after the starting shot.
In January 2018, the Battle Royale shooter established a Steam document that has actually not been broken up until today.


A month after the beginning, 3.2 million players gathered on the PUBG web servers at the same time and hence brought them to their restrictions (source: Vapor Charts).
For comparison: The MMORPG Lost Ark reached It’s very early emphasize at 1.32 million gamers, CS: GO is simply third place with 1.3 million synchronized gamers.
As well as GTA 5 does not also make it right into the leading 10 with its 360,000 players at peak times. No competitors for the record number of PUBG.

A great deal has altered in PUBG with the F2P adjustment.
You can see exactly how the Fight Royale classic has been playing given that the upgrade:

Just how effective is PUBG today?

PUBG has actually been on the marketplace for greater than four years.
Given that then, the competition has grown gradually.
Games like War zone, Fortnite, Pinnacle Legends and Co. make sure that the gamer is continually divided.
This is additionally reflected in the variety of gamers.
While greater than a million gamers got on the servers at the beginning, the number of gamers reached their short-term reduced in November 2021.
At this moment, an average of 141,000 gamers were online at the very same time.
After the F2P transition, however, the number of players enhanced again.
In the meantime, even more than 218,000 players are on the cards at the same time as well as attempt to create a chicken supper as the last survivor.
This is still a genuine house number!
At that minute, even more than 382,000 gamers are on the internet, so PUBG is fourth in the Steam-Games.
Just Apex Legends, Data 2 as well as CS: GO can tape a lot more gamers.
PUBG is anything but dead-and that will not transform in the coming months as well as years.
It remains to be seen whether the vapor document of the Battle Royale shooter will be broken once more.
Presently, nevertheless, it does not seem PUBG had to worry regarding it.