In Space for the Unbound by Mojiken Studio: Surrealism at the Service of JV – Adventure, Point and Click Game on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 & PS5 – 01/19/2023

Publishers: Tone Productions, Chorus Worldwide
Developer (s): Moniker Studio
Release date: 01/19/2023
Supports: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X | S | One, PlayStation 4 | 5
Type of game: Adventure, point and click
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian
Number of players: 1
Tested on: PC

An adventure where you follow two lovers in a self-discovery trip at the end of their high school years while facing the end of the world.

A Space for the Unbound is a ADVENTURE game located in Rural Livonia of the late 90s. He tells us a love story between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers.
But this game goes beyond history, it deals with anxiety, depression, but also how, our character can overcome them.
And of course also romantic relationships.
Love always Love.
And there are also cats, lots of cats !!!

Artistic direction
The artistic direction is the strong point of the game. We immediately feel in the 90s in India, thanks to a beautiful art pixel: magnificent sets, fluid animations, choice of judicious colors, side graphics.

Besides, the sound level too, of the simple sound of the dialogues, the beeps of appearances of the texts resembling a little to those of FF VII, to the music, everything transpires the 90s.

Negative points?
Very few negative points are to be noted.
A French location would be really a plus because some players, like me, master English badly and can miss certain scriptwriting subtleties.


Some phases of play are a bit long but nothing very annoying because it serves the scenario.

It’s totally my type of games, a beautifully written story, magnificent graphics and magnificent music.
HHH !!!
Did I tell you that the game was beautiful?
The portage of the game in French would have been a plus, because I admit I am not comfortable with the language of Shakespeare.
About ten hours should be enough to finish this masterpiece by counting the small annexed quests.

-French translation in French
-The slightly easy puzzles
-scriptwriting passages that drag in

-The pixel art
-The musical atmospheres
-Gameplay that goes to the essentials
-Scenario, narration in short writing