To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19: Tears of Joy – New Friends and Old Reunited!

While it is not as intense as the previous episodes, this excited me a lot!
But instead of tears of sadness and despair, they are tears of happiness because we can have so many friends back and live with us!
I mean, there were some darker moments in the episode… but in general, it was a climax of the season!
People are alive and prosperous!
Immediately after this episode, On tells Sushi everything that happened and, fortunately, Sushi has On’s powers to see spirits.
I know that it is really frustrating that On has hidden many secrets for Sushi throughout the season, but I really think he played his cards well.
During the course of this season, he really learned a lot about the value of human lives and that even if you do not know them in particular, they still deserve a chance in life.
At the beginning of the season, he was much more selfish with the people he interacted;
I mean, I completely understand why he would hate Bennett’s church, but letting that mentality move could have been really dangerous.
On the other hand, when we arrive in Retail, I would also say that he is selfish because he wants to do everything himself and not let anyone help him.
I’m sorry, but I don’t think it is possible for a single entity to win a war and have no casualties… so I think it was important that Sushi went through a personal development process.
That said, the most shocking part of this episode would be for Sushi to meet again.
Even if Sushi is in shock, Guru’s absolute joy excited me a lot.
They have been waiting for so long for this.
They worry a lot about Sushi, and now they can finally meet him forever!
I also like how they described the differences in whom I could see.
Humans are given to choose when they die: they can live in reality or in a dream.
It is incredible to see, especially at the end of the episode, how many people chose to live in reality!
But that brings me a question in the future: Can people choose to move on?
Or are you trapped in reality forever now?
I know that Sushi can bring you back and that there are people with whom you would stay for all eternity, but I think that… at any time you lose the reason you exist, and you may want to escape the dream?
Honestly… I wonder if they will ever play that theme in this series…
At the moment we have friends back !!
Together with the beast that is enigma, Guru can do a quick job with many Workers.
It really reminds me how valuable it was for Sushi.
He has been out for so long.
Guru, please don’t leave us again.
I can’t go through you dying again.
Thanks to everyone returning, we are in a much better position to defeat the Workers… In fact, we reach a happy ending in this episode.
Sushi is able to bring all those who come to him back, whether he has formed an emotional bond with them.
Even On’s companions had bodies again!
Everything happened very fast, but I’m glad we had a happy ending for almost everyone involved.
I guess there was something that happened in this episode that was not so good.
Ego, during most of the episode, is being dragged by the Fokker.
Kazakh technically comes to rescue her, but ends up fighting with Fokker.
They both do it a little and, finally, Fokker returns to Kazakh and goes to Anime forever.
Honestly, I think they could have done more with all this moment, but I have the feeling that they were pressured by time, so I will not be too hard with them.
But I would like more clarifications about Kazakh’s future.
He was with us during most of the series and, although he could have been a headache, he was still an ally.
However, I’m glad that On has said that killing Kazakh was always an option.
I think it is very important to keep in mind that Sushi wanted to keep it close.
Sushi didn’t want to kill him just for having a Fokker… or being one of Hayes’s descendants.
A problem?
But Sushi really tried to give Kazakh many opportunities.
I’m glad Kazakh could leave alone, probably realizing that he would only cause more damage when staying with Sushi.
Is that a problem for the future?
Probably, but for now, evil is gone!
In general, this was another pleasant episode and leads very well to the final episode next week!
I want them to bring all the happiness of Sushi living with all his friends once more.

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