Dre and actor Samuel L. Jackson, so what will the next game ing?50 Cent to Star in Grand Theft Auto 6? Waiting for the Official GTA 6 Announcement

Grand Burglary Car 5 had some guests, consisting of rap artist Dr.
ARE through the Agreement DLC.
And it seems that one more celeity can make your existence in the following title of Superstar Games, Grand Burglary Vehicle 6. 50 Cent might remain in the video game.

50 Cent GTA 6?

The renowned American rap artist made an Instagram message with the GTA logo design Vice City.
City that, according to the leakages, would be existing in the next video game.
It is possible for it to show up in GTA online.
In the caption, 50 Cent simply composed I explain it after GLG Greenlightgang. This shit is higher than power, believe me. Boom, enough to make fans one million as well as one concerns in mind.
No one knows what GTA 6’s main logo resembles as well as not why he used the vice city, however thinking about that the following game will certainly happen in this city, it is likely to be a sneak peek… or perhaps a future
DLC in GTA Online.
Neither is it feasible to know how extreme your engagement in the game will certainly be… It might be that it looks like a character, or also creating tracks for the video game.
He mentions the name of a gang, so maybe this is unique.