Hogwarts Legacy Players Crown Ignatia Wildsmith Most Hated Character, Despite Voldemort and Umbridge

Hogwarts Heritage players have actually determined that a person NPC is one of the most hated personality in the collection, as well as with Voldemort and Professor Uxbridge right there, it really feels a little unfair.

As the Reddit article listed below shows, the disgust bordering Ignacio Wild smith’s breast is equivalent to collection villains Lord Voldemort and Professor Umbridge-whose activities are most definitely a lot worse than Wild smith’s.


Thanks to her creation of Flew powder, Ignacio Wild smith can be located alongside Flew Flames (quick traveling points) around Hogwarts and also bordering locations. In spite of conserving gamers beneficial secs and actions, Wild smith shows up to be one of the most disliked characters in the Harry Potter series, allow alone Hogwarts Heritage.

off_on_another_adventure_are_we from r/HarryPotterGame

I have had to listen to Philoctetes from Hercules shout: Obtain up on the Hydra’s back! in Kingdom Hearts 2 a ridiculous amount of times though, so I believe Wild smith would certainly have the same kind of rage-inducing impact after a few hours of hearing her repeated voice lines.

It seems that the main issue with this witch is that she’s a little a chatterbox, which can be specifically aggravating when you’ve reached use numerous quick travel factors straight, for instance when you’re trying to finish the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Run. As one player put it in the comments of the Reddit message: If there ever before was a chance to fulfill Merlin… it’s on view.