Elden Ring Fans Disappointed After Anniversary Event Yields No DLC Announcements

Currently, everyone’s simply plain let down. The anniversary livestream really included a PVP competition between streamers instead. I practically really feel bad for the banners. It’s probably a big chance for them, yet people were constantly hosting likely to be expecting a DLC announcement, creates one Reddit user in feedback.

Everyone’s going home quite sad from Elden Ring’s anniversary event. Still, one Elden Ring expert claimed understanding of huge DLC in the jobs earlier this month, so we can well be in for a news even more down the line.

After an event recently generated absolutely no Elden Ring DLC statements, its area is dissatisfied.

Recently on February 25, Elden Ring author Banzai NAMC held a celebratory one-year anniversary livestream for the video game. Many players were anticipating some kind of DLC statement at the showcase, as well as are currently rather peeved that such information never ever emerged.


As the 2nd remark points to, there was never ever verification of a DLC announcement from Banzai NAMC or designer FromSoftware to begin with. Instead, players got wound up on their own speculation about a reveal, taking the entire point to definitely ludicrous and also new heights based upon zero proof.

As we created recently, lots of Elden Ring followers were obtaining thrilled for the supposed DLC announcement which, even at the time, looked not likely. Although FromSoftware has a performance history of post-launch growths for video games like Dark Hearts as well as Blood borne, the developer has actually generally revealed these at publisher displays, as well as not at events such as this.

Over on the Elder Ring-dedicated Subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab), gamers are articulating their disappointment with the livestream. Ineffective event for such an amazing game, one response composed, while one more included Yeah, DLC asides this was really underwhelming for an anniversary.