March Open Beta Test for the Latest Series Diablo 4 Scheduled.

■ ezpvet Ranking-‘ Diablo 3’, which returned to the 28 period, 9 allures as well as stairways

◎ ‘DK Online’, new web server ‘Saab NOK’ re-entry
– The large Siege mmorpg ‘DK Online’, which opened up the brand-new server ‘Sabot’ on the 23rd of last week, came back the ranks to 40th.
Various events will certainly be held to aid foster brand-new web server opening, and the very first siege will certainly be held on April 16.

◎ Sudden Assault, which is the No. 1 FPS enhancing Burden Strike
Nixon’s FPS ‘Unexpected Strike’, which recaptured the third area over Maple Story, has actually recently presented the ‘SA Shield’ system that enhances prohibited program monitoring, and is building up for long-term operation.


Following the current reconstruction of tools as well as map rebalancing updates, it is also getting a positive evaluation in general as it enhances the crackdown on nuclear individuals.

◎ ‘Diablo 3’, which started in the 28th period as well as revealed its presence in the 9th stage.
– In March, the open beta examination of the current series ‘Diablo 4’ was arranged for the series.
This period, the consciousness of the shelter is a period that can enhance the personality by opening the seal as well as famous potion capability of the church of awareness.
On top of that, it is likewise characterized by an upgrade that thinks about existing customers, such as being able to compensate the 16 periods.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-February 4 weeks PC space regular record

Joe Techno’s brand-new action RPG, which has actually recently distributed the last demonstration, is predicting its official launch this Friday.
As the demo variation has actually gotten a great deal of focus to the fad indicators, it is worth looking onward to performance after launch.

◎ Today’s Steam Pattern Game-‘ Suns of the Woodland’
– The best game on Vapor lately was picked as the sequel to the Open Globe Survival Game The Forest.
The video game, which has been blown up over the weekend considering that the launch of the previous February 23, has obtained international interest with greater than 400,000 customers of the day.
The game, including sophisticated graphics, reality, and also including brand-new NPC fellow functions than its precursor, is presently maintaining ‘extremely favorable’ with 48,000 examinations.

The very same category, Battlefield, also increased 4.4% compared to recently, surpassing Lost Arc, as well as Ajax Tale, which maintains the new season upgrade result, also got in the 20th place due to a 15.3% rise from the previous week.

◎ A total of 18.71 million hours of utilizing computer space in February fourth… 0.3% rise from recently
– Computer Room Video Game Data Service The complete number of PC rooms recently was about 18.71 million hours, down 20.5% from the previous month, which had a unique holiday period.
Compared to last week, it showed an increase of concerning 0.3%, which is very little various from last week.
The once a week computer space application price was 14.6% on weekdays as well as 21% on weekend breaks, with a standard of 16.4%.

■ Steam game trend of this week.

◎ Abundant brand-new work!
Expected works that inhabited fad signs
– Particularly, today’s fad indications of Vapor DB intimidate gamers’ budgets with many of the cozy anticipation.
Instances consist of the new approach game ‘Business of Heroes 3’, ‘Atomic Heart’, which is prominent as a female molding robotic, and also ‘Onto Pass Traveler 2’, which was interested in wonderful assumptions amongst RPG lovers.
On top of that, ‘Repair like a dragon!
Various styles of games, such as the play, have been released one after one more, which has actually been expanded for a very long time.

◎ FPS category solid, well keeping the initial place ‘Abrupt Attack’
– Recently, the total ranking was identified in the FPS genre, as well as the usage time of Nixon’s longevity FPS ‘Sudden Assault’ was continuously enhancing.
Unexpected Strike has climbed 5.8% contrasted to last week, as well as regular market share is 6.56%, keeping a space of more than 1.0% with fourth-largest Valorant.

◎ ‘Diablo’ collection, which is rated alongside with the brand-new season
– Diablo collection similarly reveal high performance in the computer area ranking table.
‘ Diablo 2: Resection’, which has actually been interested considering that recently, has risen 32.9% of the previous week, as well as ‘Diablo 3’, which began its brand-new 28 periods on the 24th of last week, drew in high individuals over the weekend and also 143.9 contrasted to recently
% Of use time has actually climbed.
As an outcome, Diablo 3 succeeded in coming back the graph with 21 staircases climbing 21st.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ MMORPG profits period that found once again in position
The last couple of weeks of – MORPH as well as subculture video games separated the Google Play sales rankings, and also once more, the structure of numerous MMORPGs has actually been returned to the top of the sales positions.
MMORPGs of Lineage Brothers, Odin, and also Struck 2 are rated 10th in sales, while Won shin, who launched a new personality, as well as ‘Chain Some’ with the computer animation ‘Chain Some’, ‘Goddess of Success: Nike’, respectively.
It is 7th and 10th.

◎ Service 1000 days, ‘FIFA’ collection to preserve the top of the Application Store
-N exon’s ‘FIFA Mobile’, which has actually just recently changed the application symbol to Son Heung-min’s photo in commemoration of the current solution, preserves the top sales of Apple App Store with FIFA Online 4M.
As of 26th, it dropped a little to 4th place, however last weekend, 2 ‘FIFA’ video games were placed first and second in sales.
As interest in the information of Oriental soccer gamers in Europe, it is assessed that the game is mirrored in the game to some level.

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