Flathub Seeks Funding to Add Payments, Donations, and Subscriptions

Making the rounds lately is a proposal being made to include in repayments, registrations and contributions alternatives to Flat hub.

Based on the proposal they’re attempting to incentivize more participation in the Linux application environment, as well as eliminate monetary barriers that protect against diverse engagement as well as they’ve already been dealing with adding in contributions as well as repayments on Flat hub using Stripe as well as confirm programmers as well with this year relocating onto including memberships, reoccurring donations, new review devices to stop abuse, automated safety and security scanning and also more to ultimately have Flat hub become self-reliant. This is a joint effort in between GNOME as well as KDE.

What they’re trying to do is obtain extra funding to aid in the direction of their objective of broadening Flat hub, as explained in the proposal they’re looking for $100,000 USD from the Plaintext Group to cover the continuing to be budget plan required to enable all this.


The proposition is available on the Plaintext Group GitHub, which was submitted by Robert McQueen, who is CEO of the Limitless OS Foundation as well as GNOME Board President. For some context here Plaintext Team are a nonpartisan, modern technology development plan campaign being developed by Schmidt Futures (Schmidt Futures was founded by ex-spouse Google chief executive officer Eric Schmidt).

Flat hub is also experiencing a rebranding.

What do you think to this? Specifically interesting with Canonical lately taking place the contrary direction by having Ubuntu flavors get rid of Flatpak by default.

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To note: this proposal has actually been there since November 2022, when the proposal itself was accepted into the GitHub database for consideration.