Survey Results: Most Popular Multiplayer Genres on Meinmmo

In a survey on Mango we wished to know from you which multiplayer genres you play the many.
We summarize the solutions for you.
You initially have to select a genre if you want to travel on the internet with each other with friends or lots of players.
Better an MMORPG, an action RPG or a shooter?
In a survey, we had you vote on it in early February 2023.
These are the results: the survey has actually joined the study given that 2,131 people.
Every person had the ability to honor approximately 3 elect their preferred genres-there were 4,086 ballots in total.
There were 13 various categories and also the another option.
You can not undo the selection.


  • 14th place: Asymmetrical video games (Dead by Daytime, Ghostbusters) -0.69 %
  • 13th location: Sports video games (FIFA, NBA) -1.37 %
  • 12th area: Simulations (MS Trip Simulator, Farming SIM) -1.52 %
  • 11th place: Battle Royale (Fortnite, Nanak: Bluepoint) -2.67 %
  • 10th location: competing video games (Fora, Gran Tourism) -2.72 %
  • 9th place: Mobs (LOL, Data 2) -3.21 %
  • 8th area: another-3.55 %
  • 7th area: strategy games (Total amount War, Crusader Kings) -4.41 %
  • 6th location: Action video games (GTA V, Beast Seeker) -4.89 %
  • 5th location: Survival Games (Ark, Latham) -7.86 %
  • 4th place: Traditional shooter (COD, Battlefield) -10.06 %
    We will certainly introduce you to the very first 3 puts a little more specifically.

3rd location: Action RPGs

  • Outcome: 11.67 % with 477 votes
    The activity RPGs landed in third area in the ballot.
    Called hacksaws, these are video games for battles.
    Regular agents of the style are the Diablo series, Gen sin Influence and also Course of Exile.
    The multiplayer is readily available, however you are not with lots of various other gamers in a globe, as is the case with MMORPGs.
    At Genshin Impact, as an example, you are alone in your globe until you unlock the multiplayer-then you can welcome as much as 3 teammates.

second area: loot shooter

  • Result: 13.66 % with 558 votes
    The loot shooters made it to second area.
    This is everything about prey.
    Opponents usually go down various products that you gather as well as make your character get much better and also far better.
    You can additionally open up boxes often, in which a lot more loot is hidden.
    Loot shooter like Destiny 2 and also The Department 2 obtains a lot of objection, the category is still really preferred with the Mango visitors.
    Well-known agents of the style are additionally Warframe and the Borderlands collection.

1st area: MMORPGs

  • Result: 31.74 % with 1,297 ballots
    1st location reveals the style, which probably lives a lot of high numbers of players.
    MMORPG means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game-a parlor game in which you are traveling with many colleagues.
    The style preserves its popularity via resilient titles such as Wow, Final Fantasy XIV as well as The Senior Scrolls Online.
    But there are additionally fresh titles such as Lost Ark as well as New World from time to time.

Numerous MMORPGs that have appeared in recent years have flopped mercilessly, the genre dominates our survey with even more than two times the number of ballots contrasted to put as well as is still very popular with Mango visitors.
These MMORPGs are played one of the most on Steam:
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