New Exclusive Drop on Twitch: Get Merlin Layer for Free – Get the Best Attire for Your Avatar in Hogwarts Legacy Now!


Whether new at Hogwarts Legacy, it is never too late to find the best attire for your avatar and make ‘like a brush’.
In addition to those that you can find throughout the game, Twitch gives you the opportunity to claim a new outfit to equip your character.

They return Twitch Drops

From February 7 we can claim some exclusive cosmetics when linking their Warner Bros Games account to the purple direct platform and see some retransmissions that have activated these Drops.

Keep in mind that there is not much time left and that on February 24 the opportunity to get them is over.
This is how they claim:
1. Log in your Twitch account.
2. Look for a transmission of Hogwarts Legacy that puts Drops are active.
3. Look at least 30 minutes of the transmission in question to obtain your first reward.
4. Better the rewards and every 30 minutes you will have another until they have them all

The Merlin layer, back only this Friday

This is an opportunity that you cannot miss if you want to get this exclusive layer for your magician or witch in the game.
This layer had already left in these Drops on February 10 on the occasion of the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, but many people still did not have the game in their possession or did not know this information
Fortunately for lagging, Avalanche Software will transmit once again on Twitch to achieve this Merlin layer to your inventory.
The information of interest is this:
Friday, February 24 from 23:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
On the Avalanche Software Twitch channel
With being 20 minutes in the live you can get the reward

How do I link my account and exchange rewards?

Before seeing a transmission that has enabled drops, make sure you have connected all your accounts to be able to claim these rewards:
Log in on Twitch,
Log in or create a Warner Bros Games account,
Go to the official account page to link your Twitch account to your WB account,
Follow the steps on the site and then see one of the sequences to see the content,
Twitch will automatically show your progress: once you have obtained an article, you must claim it in your inventory so that it appears directly in your game,
Then claims the items on the official Hogwarts Legacy page,
Do not forget to log in to your Warner Bros Games account at Hogwarts Legacy,
Within the game, you must have completed the introduction to see the articles in your team inventory,