Does Atomic Heart Have New Game Plus?

The players’ role-players of Alternative History of Sunfish and Focus Entertainment combines the Bios hock intoxicating political issues and updates them with an invasion of robots in the style of the Soviet Union.
While it does not reach the heights of the classic 2K Games, it has some great ideas and some memorable moments.

But what happens when you finish your trip?
In this guide, we will answer the question: Does Atomic Hear have a New Game Plus mode?
So, let’s do it!

Is there a New Game Plus in Atomic Heart?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but at the time of writing, no, there is no New Game Plus in Atomic Heart.
Unfortunately, when you want the game, your only option is to continue with your last saved to end the remaining secondary missions you can have, or start a new game.
While New Game Plus is a popular mode that adds a lot
The Sunfish developer add a New Game Plus to Atomic Heart in an update after launch.
Of course, that is not yet officially confirmed, but it has happened with many modern games in the past.


That takes us to the end of our guide today.
We hope this has helped respond to your consultation on whether Atomic Heart has a New Game Plus mode.
To get more information, here is a summary of all the skills that are available in the game.
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