This collection features a special Switch Oled and it looks like the switch will be real! Confirmed: Special Switch Oled of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Real

During the Nintendo Direct last week the collection edition for The Legend of Zelda was revealed: Tears of the Kingdom.
However, there was no trace of the rumored Switch OLED Special.
Although the Japanese company has remained silent on this issue, a new clue would indicate that this unique console could be on its way.
Recently, fans found a series of similarities between the collection edition and the Switch OLED of Tears of the Kingdom.
Mainly, it can be noted that the symbol of one of the pins in the special package is the same that appears in the filter joy.
Along with this, the pattern of circles of the box is similar to the one we found in the dock of this console.
Recall that the special switch of Tears of the Kingdom leaked at the end of last year, and the collection edition was revealed a couple of days ago, so Fans believe that this is more than only mere coincidence.
For its part, Nintendo has not revealed something about it.
Considering that we are just a couple of months after the launch of this game, the company would have to confirm the existence of this hardware as soon as possible.

We remind you that Tears of the Kingdom will be available on May 12, 2023. In related issues, this game rises in price in Mexico.
Similarly, the memory that this delivery will occupy on your switch is revealed.
Editor’s note:
We all look forward to the Switch OLED of Tears of the Kingdom.


It is something that many expect it to be announced sooner or later.
We only have to see if this edition sells as much as the first special consoles of the switch, or not.