2023 Continued Perfect: FC Barcelonas 16-Game Winning Streak Put to the Test Against Villarreal

FC Barcelona had no longer lost 15 games in a row, the 16th prank was to follow against FC Villarreal.
This made the eleven of Xavi, who needed to do without his injured captain Banquets, no doubt from the start: After 3 minutes, Lewandowski appeared freely in front of Pepe Ran for the very first time, however the veteran understood how to parry the flat soared close.
Barça began in half of the hosts early and forced ball losses.
It was likewise one of them that was to take the early lead for the Catalans: Pepe Ranks used the discount rate for a short time, the Catalans used ice-cold, Pedro refined the great double pass with Lewandowski for early lead (18th).
If you expected a peat celebration, you were bitterly dissatisfied.
Although the visitors tried to add more hits, on the one hand, Pepe Ran parried several times in a private duel with Lewandowski with whom he won the champion at FC Bayern Munich in 2014/15, and on the other hand prevented a variety of fouls and intensely assisted
Two-fights a controlled game structure on both sides.

Morales forgives, Chukwuezes Tor does not count

Quickly prior to the break, Barça practically received the receipt for negligent exploitation of opportunities, however Villarreal striker Morales likewise showed nerves in front of the opposing objective (45. +1).


Pepe Ran, who, as discussed, was always there against Lewandowski, made another carver in round 2, however the Barça did not know how to utilize.
Pedro was again the user, however this time he set the ball just beside the goal (66th).
So the game remained open into the last phase, where once again a late desire stage of Villarreal would have almost guaranteed the equalization.
This time the ball was even in TER Steven’s goal, however before Chukwueze’s end, his colleague Yearly was offside (90. +3).

The objective was withdrawn and Barça’s l Ltd success in the eleventh game in 2023 was a chosen thing.