Resident Evil: Death Island – Join the Hero Trio in a Thrilling Horror Adventure on Alcatraz Island Filled with Zombies from the Sea!

This summer we can look forward to new scary growth in the movie theater.
Citizen Evil: Death Island is a CGI film that once again moves us into the world afflicted by zombies.
An official teaser trailer is already revealing which lead character from the Citizen Evil video games we can anticipate.

Local Evil: Death Island in the teaser trailer

What’s the movie about?
Leon S. Kennedy, who also plays the leading function in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, is on a rescue mission.
His goal is to the kidnapped Dr.


To free Antonio Taylor from the clutches of his kidnappers.
He fulfills a strange female, as it says in the description.
But at the end of the trailer we can see that these are Jill Valentine, which we currently understand from Citizen Evil 3 remake:
In the meantime, Chris Redfield, who played the leading function in Homeowner Evil 6, takes a look at a strange zombie outbreak in San Francisco.
The only commonality of the victims is a see to the island of Alcatraz, on which Chris expects numerous zombies from the sea.
In one scene you can see biomuted zombies that are freed from a cage and released on mankind.
Other recordings show a mutated shark that moves straight towards the camera.
We can and so look forward to some zombie species.
We can quickly see Leon S. Kennedy in Homeowner Evil 4 remake in action:
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understood names behind the scenes

Two known faces are responsible for the CGI film.
We already understand director Ericeira Hasura through his deal with Assassination Class.
The script comes from Dakota Fulani, who ended up being known for his operate in Psycho-Pass.
What time does the film start?
Homeowner Evil: Death Island is anticipated to appear in cinemas worldwide in summer of 2023.
According to Resident Evil: Degeneration, Citizen Evil: Damnation and Citizen Evil: Vendetta for the now 4th CGI movie for Resident Evil.
What do you think about the Homeowner Evil Trailer?