Nintendo Switch Price Stays High: Shuntaro Furukawa Reaffirms Its Third Best-Selling Console Status


Third best-selling console of all time, Nintendo Switch should not lower price anytime soon.
According to the Nikkei newspaper, Nintendo President Shun taro Kurosawa reported in a meeting with investors that the Big N hyid console continues with high demand and high sales year after year, which would justify, in the executive’s view,
Current Switch values.

Today, the default model of the device has the suggested price of $300 in the United States, while Switch OLED costs $350 and Switch Lite (version that only has the portable switch mode) comes out for $199.
azil, Switch Lite can be found for about $1,300, while the standard model can be sold for about $2,300 and Switch OLED for $2,500.
When you look at individual models, the demand for Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite as additional systems, increased year after year. As we continue to support Nintendo Switch in the long run, we try to preserve the value and prices of both hardware.
How much of the software as much as possible. We do not believe that this policy needs to be changed at this time, Kurosawa said at the meeting with investors.
Although Nintendo Switch is in a sales slowdown period, the console recently became the third best-selling console in history, with 122.45 million units sold, below only from Nintendo DS (154 million units) and PlayStation
2 (158.7 million units).