Rip off? Anyone who uses Twitter (a lot) will soon have to pay money.

Since Elon Musk took over the popular social media platform Twitter a few months ago, a lot has typically altered in an extremely short time.
When the richest individual in the world fired half the labor force after the takeover, be it on the part of the business.
Or also for the users, when Elon Musk caused complete mayhem by allowing every user to the blue verification hook for a couple of euros each month.

Now the most major change is about: The optimal number of tweets that can be published monthly will be restricted shortly.
If you cross this limitation, you can no longer post the rest of the month – or you pay cash by completing a paid membership.
You can continue to tweet as preferred.
Isn’t that a brazen rip-off?

just restricted complimentary tweets

The limit for free tweets monthly and account is 1,500 pieces.


That may sound like a lot, however the workload can sometimes be exhausted quickly.
But likewise retweets and any responses to other tweets because not just tweets count here.
Anyone who utilizes Twitter every day and, in addition to their own tweets and retweets, also goes to discussions with other users, gets to the limitation of the totally free Twitter account so rapidly.
Only two options stay: Wait for the new month-open your wallet and press a subscription fee to the social media platform.

Twitter modification quickly

It will not take a long period of time to alter, due to the fact that from February 13, 2023 (Monday) the change will currently use.
From that day, all Twitter users will be divided into exceptional or free accounts.
According to Twitter, this action should serve to improve the quality of the posts on the platform, minimize spam and consequently enable a growing ecosystem.
According to Twitter, this action is very crucial for our ecosystem – AUS the factors already pointed out.

Anonymous tweet for almost 10 euros a month

Twitter now likewise provides the premium account called Twitter Blue in Germany.
The rate is 8 euros each month, with an annual payment of 84 euros, which represents 7 euros per month.
Paying premium consumers get a number of advantages, about half of advertising or the possibility of modifying tweets for approximately thirty minutes after the item a maximum of 5 times.
And from February 13, freedom to publish more than 1,500 tweets, retweets and answers monthly.
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