Uncovering the Truth: Investigating Claims of SCAM Allegations on The Day Before

In the past week, STATIC designers released a brand name brand-new gameplay trailer for The Day Prior to.

However, there was very little favorable feedback for the product revealed.
You only saw a lady who went through a game world and met a couple of zombies.
For that reason, the speculation rapidly made the round that the day Prior to was not the assured survival MMO.
Now the team has actually responded to the rip-off allegations with a statement.

developers wish to prevent disinformation

In the message, Fantastic accuses some parts of the community to spread wrong information about The Day Before to hurt the project.
Everyone can say whatever for calls, and everyone will believe it. Because it can hurt not just to us however likewise other small studios, it has actually to be done about disinformation. It also has mental repercussions for the members of the teams.
Fantastic writes, to name a few things, on Twitter.

Additional criticism for the developers

However, the statement at the Reddit community of The Day Before was not especially well received.
The group is accused of missing transparency, which led to the existing circumstance and spread of disinformation around the job.
It is stated that an absence of marketing department is the factor for these errors Salman wants to enhance in the future.
We have actually incorporated the statement here for you.

Has the gameplay trailer copied?

Further allegations about the gameplay trailer are not handy for the area at STATIC.
Some scenes offer the impression that the team just copied different trailers.
An example shows Twitter user force strategy in the video.
Apparently, Call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold was served for his own purposes at the Zombie Reveal Trailer.
Of course, the logo design is likewise striking, the font and design of which is really reminiscent of The Last of Us.
The marketing of The Division has obviously also been oriented towards STATIC, as other images of Force strategy program.

The Day Before was held off

With the gameplay trailer, those responsible likewise laid the release of their survival MMO back.
The organized date in March has actually become a publication in November 2023 and the video game vanished from Steam.
The next few weeks and months will reveal whether the designers adhere to their promises and communicate more transparently with the neighborhood.


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