Now we have news of a new animated film that will be released in 2022 and is called Resident Evil: Death Island.

Resident Evil: Death Island – The First Trailer Revealed – All the Details Here!

Although the Resident Evil Live Action series for Netflix was not a success, the series is not yet ready to leave the world of adaptations.
In this way, a new trailer was recently revealed that confirms that this year a new animated film from Resident Evil CG style will arrive.
Thanks to a new trailer, Resident Evil has been officially revealed: Death Island, a film animated by CG that will be available at some point in the summer of 2023. Although the details are scarce, we know that this adventure will be starring Leon S. Kennedy, Chris
Redfield and Jill Valentine.
This is the description of the tape:

Agent Leon S. Kennedy has the mission of rescuing Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman frustrates her search.
Meanwhile, the agent of the B.S.A.A., Chris Redfield, is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified.

The only thing the victims have in common is that they all visited the island of Alcatraz recently.
Following that track, Chris and his team go to the island, where a new horror awaits them.
Directed by Ericeira Hasura (Assassination Classroom) from a script by Dakota Fulani (Psycho-Pass).
Based on Resident Evil, the successful horror and survival game that sold more than 130 million copies worldwide, Death Island is a new computer animated film and the Resident Evil sequel: Vendetta.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will distribute the film worldwide, except Japan Summer 2023.
Death Island is a sequel to Resident Evil: vendetta, although it is unknown if it will be related to Infinite Darkness, an animated series that arrived in Netflix in 2021. Although the games in the series have enjoyed a positive reception, you cannot say what you cannot say
same about these adaptations, which have been severely critical in recent years.


Remember, Resident Evil: Death Island will be available at some point in the summer of 2023. In related issues, fans complain of the rain in the remake of Resident Evil 4. Similarly, here you can see the new gameplay of this title.
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