Loud Leads The Way: How The azilian eSports Organization Is Taking Twitter By Storm in 2022

The azilian Organization of Electronic Sports Loud was the team that was most engaged via Twitter, globally, during the year 2022. Digital content expert endan Houseboy, who analyzes the performance of organizations on social networks throughout the year, found that the
azilian team ranked first 19.7 million direct answers to their publications.
According to Houseboy, this number represents a growth of 43% per year for the azilian team.
In a matter of organic engagement number by tweets, Loud has a much larger number than the Sentinels team, which was in second place.
The US organization accumulated 5.87 million direct replies over 2022.
Third, fourth and fifth place, respectively appears the teams Crazy Raccoon, G2 ESports and Carmine Corp.


In terms of general engagement is, not only the amount of direct answers and analyzing the digital reception in fulled is in seventh place, behind the Sentinels, Crazy Raccoon, Zeta Division, TSM Japan, 100 Thieves organizations, 100 Thieves
and NRG eSports.
Among the azilian teams, Loud’s great year of social networks represents an average of 2.37 thousand in general engagement.

Secondly, the fury organization appears with an average of 620;
Thirdly, we see CBOL’s newcomers, Los Grande, with an average of 248-A entry to LOL’s national market leveraged the organization’s engagement on social networks