Is The Day Before A Fraud? Watch This Video To See What Players Have Discovered About Fntastics Survival Game

The Day Before was one of the most wanted video games on Steam, however lots of differences connected to designers Fantastic have fundamentally changed the image of the survival mos.

It was just in the last couple of days that there was a sobering gameplay video in addition to the steam outlet to see after a problem with the name rights and a new shift.
A brand-new video needs to show where the trailers were used for other video games.

the day prior to: Video reveals Sources of inspiration of the trailers

With regard to The Day Before, there is suspicion that the game is a fraud, i.e. an attempted scam.
Lots of gamers believe that lots of players think that the Day Before would not exist would not exist.


A just recently released gameplay video might not remove this suspicion.
In addition, what was revealed was not especially well received.
The video received a great deal of malice and some players observed strong resemblances to other games, which is why the product for The Day Before was looked at more carefully.
A Reddit clip shows where Fantastic is stated to have served everywhere.
At Call of Task: Black Ops Cold War, The Last of the United States, The Division and Truck simulation Snow runner, Snow runner is stated to have been stolen.
A strong similarity is not assigned by hand, even if dystopian zombie Apocalypse follow a certain representation and specific motives and recommendations are not unusual in video games.
In this Twitter thread you can see other comparison pictures that likewise describe resemblances with Homeowner Evil 2 and another scene from The Last of Us:

a fraud?

In the Reddit Post and likewise under the tweet, there is mainly settled on the allegations of plagiarism and the effort to fraud is likewise subject to The Day Before.
As dubious as the advancement of the game is, the claims of scams are likewise uncertain, since nobody can describe what the fraud is.
For the day prior to there was no Kickstarter campaign and no other way to pre-order the video game.
Far it has not been known whether somebody has actually been cheated.
You must continue to take an important look at the unusual hustle and bustle around Fantastic and The Day Before.
Here you can see the current gameplay for The Day Before: