Get Ready To Game: Everything You Need To Know About The Taipei Game Show 2021

The Taipei Game Show will be held at the Nan River Exhibition Center from February 2 to February 5.
The Taipei Game Show, which will be held in late January to early February, is the earliest game show, which is the earliest game show, which is not very large, but it is also a place where various game companies participate in the game to announce their games from the beginning of the year.
In particular, due to the nature of Taiwan, which has a high proportion of indie and small and medium-sized developers, the Indie House, which allows you to meet various indie games, as well as ‘Indie Game Awards’, which selects excellent works from all over the world.
It is also featured.

Unfortunately, there was a happening, such as the news that Lost Arc suddenly announced the release of the release before the launch of Taiwan and returned a publishing down payment.
However, new works, such as ‘Atomic Heart’, ‘Varying: Dynasty’, ‘Liza’s Atelier 3’, ‘Zero ~ Lunar Masks’, have a demonstration and have the opportunity to enjoy before the launch.

Subculture, which is about to be launched in Korea, such as ‘ether gauge’ and ‘Heaven Burns Red’, also participates in the Taipei Game Show, and in Korea, Comes in Korea, Taipei Game before the global launch of ‘Summers War: Chronicle’
I participated in the show to enter the global market.


Since the beginning of the year, more than 200 kinds of games participated in the ‘Taipei Game Show’, which announced the beginning of 2023 in earnest.