The All-New Gamesir X3: The Mobile Gamers Must-Have Controller For Cloud Gaming

Those playing for mobile devices know how useful a game pad can be.
The accessory gives more comfort during intense players, and raises the player’s performance.
Among the various models available, Game sir X3 stands out for ergonomics, design and dispense with Bluetooth.
Like its predecessor, the X2 Pro, the X3 is compatible with the most different platforms, such as: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, Xbox Game Pass, among others.
In addition, it runs acclaimed games on the Android system, such as Genshin Impact, Call of Duty, Fortnite, among others.
To leave you inside all about Game sir’s state-of-the-art Game pad, MGG has prepared a mini guide on the controller.
Check it out, below!

How to use Game sir X3?

The controller is compatible with Android 9 and later versions.
It is connected to the device by Type-C USB input and the smartphone is in the middle of the game pad, similar to the screen of a Nintendo Switch Lite.

How can Game sir X3 help you?

Playing on your cell phone can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you are an advanced gamer that spends hours playing.
In this sense, game pad comes as an option that only has to enrich the experience.
There are several of them and Game sir’s X3 is a reference among the best in the market.
It has responsive buttons, cooler for cooling, RGB backlight
With mobile game control, you will no longer depend on screen touchscreen to play.
This will make your commands more accurate and provide a more pleasant visual experience.
All these points will increase gameplay and performance in the game.

Battery: x3 does not need to be recharged and dispenses Bluetooth

One of the great advantages of X3 is that it does not need to be recharged to work.
It is ready to take action through Plug and Play mode: just connect and voilà!
In addition, the player also does not need to worry so much about the recharge of his cell phone.
As it works without Bluetooth, the latency of the game remains low, which optimizes mobile speed and performance.

Do not worry

The X3 also stands out among the other mobile game pads, including X2 Pro, with a cooling cooler.
The presence of fans prevents the mobile device connected to the control overheat, which is one of the main criticism of mobile game pads.


It is a very positive point of the X3, since overheating can damage fundamental smartphone pieces and decrease its service life.

Game sir X3

The Game sir X3 has a refrigerator that avoids slowness and overheating of the phone, which sets it apart from most game pads.
Its robust and striking RGB light design increases the immersive feeling of the game, and is aesthetically pleasant.
It is independent of Bluetooth, working through Plug and Play mode.
This feature decreases the latency of the game, besides saving the battery of the phone itself.
It has a-type USB input and is compatible with most cloud games.

Its magnetic and responsive buttons increase performance in game plays and come with adaptable triggers.
This way, the player will have greater gameplay and quick and agile movements like a gamer expert!