Deceive Inc. – Release Date, Platforms, Beta Details And Everything You Need To Know About The Mysterious Agent Adventure Game

In the game Deceive Inc., belonging to the developer of Sweet Bandit Studios and the publisher Tripwire Interactive, you play for a mysterious agent whose task is to obtain a parcel.
Of course, this is not as simple as it seems-you will have to fight with other players who are trying to claim the same package.

everything we know about deceive inc.

Deceive Inc.
-This is a game in the genre of secrecy and social deception, in which twelve players compete for performing the same task.
Players can work alone or in groups of three people, but they all appear in the game in the form of one of the many NPCs.
Each character has unique abilities that you can use to successfully pick up the bag and escape with it.

What is the release date of deck.

Deceive Inc. release
It is scheduled for the twenty-first of March 2023. You can monitor the official sweet bandits and Tripwire Interactive Twitter to receive additional information and updates about Deceive Inc.
It is planned that Deceive Inc.
It will be a multi-platform version.
In addition to this, Deceive Inc.
Crossbow between his release platforms.
Here you can play deceive inc.
prefix 5
Xbox Series X | S

Is Deceive Inc St lax game?

Deceive Inc.
-This is a stealth game with an emphasis on social deduction and disorientation, as in Among US.

Each player appears to be disguised as NPC.
You must balance a mixture with other NPCs, the discovery of other players and fulfilling your goal.


Some characters in Deceive Inc.
They succeed in secrecy, some in the wrong direction, and others determine other players.
Which character you play has a great influence on how you play.

How to join the beta testing deceive inc.

Before the release of Deceive Inc.
will conduct open beta testing.
This will be available from March 10, 2023DO as March 13, 2023. Beta version is not yet available, but it can be played on all platforms.
Look at Steam, Xbox and PlayStation stores these days to load and take part in beta testing.

trailer for Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc.
I received a convenient announcement of open beta testing on the PlayStation channel on YouTube.
Check it to see the main gameplay, aesthetics and heroes in action.
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