Resident Evil 4 Remake: Everything We Know So Far – Gameplay, Images & Changes

One of the games that most raised the expectation of fans last year was Resident Evil 4 Remake, which apparently will make quite important changes with respect to the original.
And now that a couple of months are missing so that finally new details are revealed in the form of gameplay and some screenshots of what happened.
Through the footage that is shared by Game Inform, it is seen that within the changes there is the way to give commands to Ashley, who, although he will not have a life bar, will notify Leon when he needs help.
For their part, the bosses will change in terms of appearance, since you can decide whether you want to face them or not, this depending on force.
To all this is added that there will finally be secondary missions, helping the players not finish the title at a few hours, following the linear method established in its original counterpart.


There is also the possibility of defeating the cattle on the ground to prevent them from lifting them as pests, and new adversaries join to give us problems.
It also attracts attention, that they did not want to make a remake of zero, but something simpler.
But that is not all, since there will be a crossbow available in the availability of weapons, something that users can find while advancing in the adventure.
Similarly, the ways in which Ashley have been sexualized in some way.

And it is sought that the plot be darker, since the original did not take it very seriously.
Via: Game Inform
Editor’s note: What will have many changes, so a remake is expected at the height of the second part.
I am really saving for the new Zelda, but I think Re4 is going to be one of those titles that I buy on the first day.