NBA Fans Had No Chill After Dennis Rodman Impersonator Showed Up At Game

Last night, something completely unexpected happened during the San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets game: a Dennis Rodman impersonator showed up! Jeremy Social pulled off an incredible look-alike of the NBA legend and had fans in awe at the sight. Read on to find out why this stunt was so memorable and how it impacted the game!

Jeremy Social’s hair is a lighter shade of green compared to Dennis Rodman’s. Nevertheless, one can’t deny the truth that the similarity is uncanny. Both gamers even use the same jersey number.

Now, with Social’s trending meme on Twitter, NBA fans can’t respond however assist. Leave it as much as the fans to come up with the most funny and absurd remarks.

Jeremy Social brought up last night looking like nba legend dennis Rodman. When Social showed up with green hair, the San Antonio Spurs took on the Houston Rockets in a 125-105 success away from home.

The NBA acknowledged the Spurs forwards appearance on social media by publishing a meme of him appearing like rodman.

Here’s an appearance at a few of them:

NBA fans respond to Jeremy Social’s new look

He recently added the color green to his hair color collection. Social might not be a Dennis Rodman, but he sure can hang with the protective legend in regard to design.

Jeremy Social is known for altering hair colors. The league has seen him sport the colors blue, pink, blonde, and red just among others.


What did NBA fans have to state about it? Here are some of their responses:

Jeremy Social’s hair is a lighter shade of green compared to Dennis Rodman’s. One can’t deny the fact that the resemblance is uncanny. Both gamers even wear the very same jersey number.