First Look At Akira Toriyamas Sand Land Gets Anime Adaptation

Today something strange has happened with the Banzai NAMC channel on YouTube, because it is known that the company mostly publishes video games of different original franchises and productions such as Taken.
However, today we learned that the production of animations also joined, and his collaboration has been announced with Akira Oriya.
A few minutes ago the first look at Sand Land, the new anime inspired by a work by Akira Oriya, which did not have its adaptation since the manga was first published.
The production will be carried out by Sunrise, Kamikaze Doug and Anima!
The details of the number of episodes have not yet been announced.


Czech the video:
This is Sand Land’s synopsis:

In a desert world where both demons and humans suffer an extreme shortage of water, Beelzebub, the prince of demons, and Ran, a sheriff of a small town, form a team and undertake an adventure in search of the ghost lake in
For now, there is no scheduled premiere date for anime only in 2023.
Via: Banzai NAMC
Editor’s note: Personally I knew anything in relation to this work, by Oriya I know few things in addition to Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump.
It will be interesting to take your eye on another of your works.