Henry Cavill, You Should Join The MCU. Heres How

Yesterday something tragic happened for fans of DC movies, since Henry Cavill’s departure from this universe was confirmed, something that became known through social networks.
This to give way to a young Superman movie, so he will not participate.
And while this is sad, fans want Cavils even in cinema reflectors.
That means that users want to see the actor playing marvel characters, something they were also thinking for years, especially with new franchises that add to the list.
One of the most orders is X-Men Cyclops, which could share star papers with Wolverine himself and End, Hugh Jackman.

Marvel must be bold and choose Henry Cavill as Cyclops.
It is the perfect choice to turn Cyclops into the great and charismatic leader of the X-Men again.
Can you imagine a Cavils Cake facing the next Wolverine?


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Dear Marvel, choose Henry Cavill as The Sentry, Hyperion or Miracle man.

You get where I go.
It is worth mentioning that many other fans want to have the actor as Captain Britannia, which can remember the righteous that Superman has, a familiar face for those who go to see the cinema.

However, it is not so clear if Disney and Marvel have everything planned for this moment.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: For now everything is uncertainty with DC, since James Gun’s plans are not entirely detailed.
We will surely have to wait for important events such as Comic-Con to learn more details.