Pokemon GO Releases Mega Glalie, ight Bergmite and More – Check Out All The Details About The First Part Of The

For the end of the year in Pokémon GO, mobile game for Pokémon hunting developed by Ni antic, some news was prepared for the festivities;
Among them, the debut of the creatures Mega Goalie and ight Berg mite.
In addition, a special Christmas survey will also give exclusive rewards for players who buy the ticket.
Check out all the details about the event that will take place from December 15, 2022, at 10am (asília time):

End of year parties-part 1

Premiere: Mega Goalie

  • Through Megagrams, Pokémon Mega Goalie will make its game debut for mobile devices;
    Players can also find their ight version.

Event bonus

  • Players who participate in made battles will earn up to 50% of extra experience points.

  • It will be possible to store up to 40 gifts until the last day of the event.

Temporary Search

The exclusive temporary survey of the end of the year will cost $5.00 (R $26.39, in direct conversion).
It is possible to give the gift to friends who are at the level of great friendship or higher.
The main research award is a theme avatar pose, but users can also receive:
Two incubators;
An incense;
Mega Boom energy;
Several Pokémon meetings with event theme.

meetings in nature

The following Pokémon will appear more often in nature:
Pikachu with fun winter costume
Deli ed
Sp heal wearing a festive outfit
Bergmite-ESSA is the first time a ight berg mite can be seen in the game.


Although a little rarer, the following creatures can also appear to hunters:
Lola Pulpit
St antler wearing a festive outfit


The following Pokémon will be able to leave eggs of 7 km:
Sn easel
Berg mite


Check out which creatures can be seen in Races:
Races of 1 star
Pikachu with fun winter costume
Lola Pulpit
Sp heal wearing a festive outfit
Narmada de Galar
Berg mite
3 star king
St antler wearing a festive outfit
Glace on with festive sea bottom clothes
Five-star king
Mega Goalie

Featured attacks

Cobain creatures that are captured from December 15 to 23, 2022 will know the next highlight, which is a sacred sword.
This attack grants 60 points in coach battles and 55 points in gyms and races.

Field search tasks meetings

The following Pokémon may appear in field research tasks:
Pikachu with fun winter costume
Lola Pulpit
St antler wearing a festive outfit
Sp heal wearing a festive outfit
Sn easel
Glace on with festive sea bottom clothes
Players will also be able to receive abomasnow megaenergy by completing certain research tasks.

Avatar stickers and items

In addition to the stickers displayed above (Image 1), which can be obtained by both direct purchase and by opening gifts or polewards turn, it will also be possible to buy dress items (image 2)
Check out the items that will be available for purchase at the event store:
Festive pajama blouse
Festive pajama pants
Festive pajama slippers
Gift Pose
Festive hood
Festive Beard
Festive costume