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In the tips guide to Gun dam Evolution you can find out:
Which mobile suits are particularly strong
How to unlock new units
With which tricks you win every fight
Gun dam Evolution is a Hero shooter that promotes you to the cockpit of the best known mobile suits.
There are many units that differ in skills, weapons and character values.
In our entry-level guide we provide you with many important tips and explain basic gameplay mechanics.
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Choose the right mobile suit-this is how it works

To achieve the best possible performance, you should always choose the right mobile suit.
There are many factors that affect the right selection.
The game mode and the composition of the team is crucial.
Make sure that all roles are represented in the team.
Defenders eat most of the damage and should initiate the fights.
Supporters supply the team from a safe distance and heal damaged units.
The attackers take care of outgoing damage and flank the enemy team.
If you play in the attack, choose mobile suits that quickly bring you back to the front.
In defense, suites are recommended that make it difficult to progress and defend bottlenecks most effectively.
The DOM Trooper is an excellent choice here because it can place mines and its rocket launcher does not lose any damage at a distance.

the best free suits for the start


  • Roll: defender
    A hard-wearing mobile suit for short distances with a rechargeable shield and a piercing litter weapon.
    His Tomahawk gives him surprising maneuverability.
    Saab is without question one of the strongest suits throughout the game.
    His kit not only makes her resistant, but also gives him enormous damage potential at a short distance.
    The ability enemy search marks opponents through walls.
    In combination with the fatal shotgun, Saab is an excellent choice when it comes to surprising the opponent.


  • Roll: Attack
    A specialist for area locking and support that uses missiles and mines to cause heavy devastation from the opponent while at the same time increasing allies nearby.
    The DOM Trooper is equally suitable for attack and defense.
    The alternative fire mode of the rocket launcher shoots a mighty laser beam that can scrap weaker opponents directly.
    With its mines, the Trooper corridor can close and cover the flanks.
    The ultimate ability is Screaming Nimbus, with which you storm forward, blocks every damage and harms all opponents.


  • Roll: Support
    A mobile support unit that has two quick-fire pistols and the possibility of flying.
    It is intended to join allies nearby and thus drastically increase their effectiveness.
    Methods is the best choice when it comes to supporting your team.
    You can transform yourself into a plane for a short time and rush quickly over the battlefield.
    Places your gun tower so that it is difficult to reach.
    With its repair cable, Methods can heal allies and the Ultimate Energy cable increases a team member for a short time.

Which mobile suit should I unlock?

Unicorn Gun dam

  • Roll: Support, attack
    Unicorn has a protective aura that is permanently active and heals close allies.
    At the push of a button you give all allies in the area a strong sign that reduces incoming damage.
    Unicorn is also a force in attack.
    Its minigun is very effective at medium distance.
    The Ultimate conjures up a mighty magnum that can penetrate several enemies.

how do I quickly earn in game currency?

There are three different types of currency in Gun dam Evolution:
Eve coins: is used to buy cosmetic items (skins, icons, etc.).
Eve coins can only be purchased with real money.
A new mobile suit costs you the equivalent of 10 euros.
Capital: The blue currency can be obtained through challenges and the Season Pass.
A new mobile suit costs 1,980 capital.
Green square: You get the green currency by pulling duplicates from the loot boxes.
Skins, icons and portraits can be bought with them.
If you don’t want to spend money, you have to use capital to unlock new mobile suits.
Capital will be remunerated by the conclusion of challenges and reaching new Season Pass levels.
There are daily challenges, weekly challenges and beginner challenges that are displayed in the start menu at the bottom right.

The free levels in the Season Pass give you a total of 2,000 capital through which you can buy a new suit.
Completed challenges must be picked up so that the capital is paid out.

tips & tricks for fighting

does your opponents

If you defeat an opponent in Gun dam Evolution, he is not automatically dead-it can still be repaired by allies.
In order to prevent the revival, a suit that has gone to the ground has to be shot until it is completely destroyed.

uses the dash to dodge

Each suit has an endurance bar with which you can either sprint or that.
With a dash you catapulted yourself in the desired direction and can therefore dodge attacks or quickly cover.

does not waste the Ultimate

It takes a while for you to collect enough energy for the ultimate ability.
Your Ultimate can decide battles.
Use them in dangerous team fights or to do particularly dangerous adversaries.

learns the maps

If you want to get better, good map knowledge is essential.
When flanking, it is very advantageous to know how to fall in the back of the opponents or die up annoying pursuers.
Also remember where you can find the rare drugs to heal yourself in emergency situations.

communicates with your team

No headset?
No problem!
In Gun dam Evolution there is a simple ping function with which you can give your team instructions or mark enemies.
If you spotted a runaway, your team informs you as quickly as possible.


Even a simple collecting can sometimes help prevent unnecessary solo courses.

flank the opponents

As an attacker, it is your job to eliminate opposing units.
You have a good chance if you sneak away from the side or from behind and take the opposing supporters on the grain.

Some attackers are better suited than others.
We recommend Baku II (ranged combat).
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