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Where to find toothpaste, purified water and canned food in Warzone 2 DMZ

Some fractions missions in Call of Duty: War zone DMZ require you to collect various objects, and then place them in certain hiding places for garbage tanks.


The mission of the White Lotus faction of the 4th level of supply requires you to collect three objects, namely toothpaste, purified water and canned food.

where to find toothpaste in a demilitarized area

You need to collect 30 tubes of toothpaste and put them in a cache in the swamps of Mavis eh.
Toothpaste is a common low-price object in a demilitarized zone.
Caches with prey in which you can find this item are first-aid kits, first-aid kits and cabinets.
Tubes with toothpaste are also randomly placed on boxes in the bathroom, sofas, beds, shelves and tables.

where to find purified water in a demilitarized zone

For the second task in the Props mission, you need to deliver 18 bottles of purified water to the Asmara City cache.
This item can often be found in hiding places with prey, such as refrigerators, cabinets, first-aid kits and first-aid kits.
In addition, when you kill bots, they also have a good chance to drop a bottle of purified water.

where to find canned food in a demilitarized zone

25 canned food should be put in the Asmara City cache in order to complete the third and last task in the mission of the Reset of Pros.
Like purified water, this item can usually be found in refrigerators and cabinets, and it is rarely dropped by dead enemies.
You can visit restaurants in Asmara and other attractions to collect these items in abundance.
Otherwise, go through a group of houses on the map, since each house has at least one refrigerator.
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