League of Legends will have the largest budget of all time in 2023, declares Riot Games

A single sentence may be sufficient to generate hype and rekindle the flame of part of the community of a game. By stating that the League of Legends budget for 2023 would be the greatest in the history of the game, Nicole Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, impressed. Unfortunately, no other detail has been given. riot games plans are now expected to coincide with LOL community expectations, but there are certain points that allow some optimism.

Better Events

If you follow the news of League of Legends, you are probably aware of you that the events created by Riot Games in recent years have not satisfied players. In addition to numerous bugs remind you of the Star Guardians-Even the most ambitious were misunderstood by the community. Perhaps the most convincing example is ruin. The event was confused, with different stories in different media and an execution that left something to be desired in what would probably be the narrative with the most expectation in the entire history of Runeterra.

The players also complained that for what should be the most ambitious event of League of Legends, no game mode was really dedicated to him-no, the TFT set doesn’t count, it’s not lol. Compared to Odyssey, which featured events from an alternative universe, but ought one of the first EVE modes of the game appear, it inevitably disappointed much of the fans.

The last event of the Star Guardians also failed, mainly due to numerous bugs, which forced Riot Games to give the rewards instead of letting players win them.


Recently, Riot Games has announced that it wanted to formulate more interesting events for players and offer new things. Providing a different experience, even if temporarily it would be great and when the announcement of the titanic budget was made most of the fans immediately thought of better events. Even though this idea seems very likely, it must be borne in mind that Riot Games has not announced anything about it, beyond the desire to improve them.

Other expectations of the community

  • This is a summary of the most current reactions and topics in online communities such as Reddit and other social networks, but no point has been officially raised by Riot Games.

  • A general improvement for the League of Legends client
  • An improvement in code to remove some bugs that have been present for years
  • New (s) permanent game mode (s)
  • The return of the winter map
  • New gameplay and/or visual reworks for old champions

And you, what do you expect a lol with the biggest budget in your history to ing?