The scarlet and purple Pokemon players are kissing with one of their Pokemon. or something like that

Train, fight, get wounds and progress. That is the nature of coach Pokémon and his creatures. In scarlet and purple Pokémon, the new edition for Nintendo Switch, the Pale region hides many secrets and adventures. We know that the friendship between our protagonist and his animals is forged with love, time and care… but to the point of kissing? Yes, indeed, some players are doing it, although it h its Trujillo.

in other titles of the saga, this delivery h a system that estimates the level of friendship between the coach and the Pokémon, something that is represented on the screen with hearts. Meowscarada is a biped Pokémon, so it is up to the character. The fun thing is that when I approach him and press button A, hearts appear on the head and give the impression that both are kissing, something that h logically caused sensation on social networks. Actually a visual effect is due and nothing else.

Scarlet and purple Pokemon sweep sales

Three days have been enough for the title of The Pokémon Company developed by Game Freak to exceed 10 million units sold, an achievement that converts the Pale edition into the game that h registered the best numbers during the first days in any Nintendo console.


Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The title h been criticized for its technical end, although in the Meditation analysis we highlight that it is the largest jump in the saga since its psage to the three dimensions. In the Meripodct we also talk long and lying about everything related to the game of Game Freak. You can listen to it in this link, through Ivory, Apple Podct, Spotify and YouTube.

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