Marvel future revolution

Dungeon & Fighter, Yoon Myung -jin, Lee, Lee, the 3rd director

People was appointed as CEO Soon Myung-jin. The future of Dungeon & Fighter (Dun pa) continues through three leadership systems.

Nixon held People’s online showcase Dun pa Festival ‘2022 DNF New Dawn’. The event is known as the Dun pa Quiz Event Mission Revolution: Opening and BGM Concert, along with various events such as BGM Concert, and the update news of Soon Myung-jin, Dun pa, and roadmaps for a long time.

Soon Myung-jin also revealed a new leadership to lead Dun pa. In the future, Dun pa will lead the game together, including Lee Won-man, Director, Hong Jin-hyuk Live Director, and Kim Punches Content Director. All three directors have worked together in People for more than 10 years.

Lee Won-man, general manager, led Dun pa’s convenience to improve and participated in the development of major contents of the game until the 2017 Female Print Update. Hong Jin-hyuk, Live Director, has been in charge of event planning and strategy. Kim Punches, the content director of the content, has played a leading role in various national services including Korea.

Dun pa is a game that has a lot of memories to many adventurers and is an important part of my life.