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Madden 23 Playbooks upgrade adds brand-new developments for 12 teams

Madden 23 playbooks had some established favorites as the year got rolling, but the arrival of Title Update 4 brought some unforeseen changes.


We have actually got information on all the Madden 23 playbooks that changed in Update 1.07 and exactly which formations have actually been added.

Madden 23 Playbooks upgrade adds brand-new formations for 11 teams

While the modification of NFL Live Playbooks was understood to be on the table, precisely when those updates may arrive and how significant they would be had actually been up in the air till now.

The majority of the anticipation for Madden 23 updates has concentrated on much-needed bug repairs in Franchise Mode or somewhere else, however an unexpected mid-season modification simply got here.

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With the deployment of Madden 23 Update 1.07, there are now new developments for 12 different offensive playbooks.

First, let’s take a look at which new developments are pertaining to each group:

  • Bears include I Kind Close Flex
  • Broncos include I Form Pro and Slot Close
  • Buccaneers include Strong Slot
  • Chargers add I Type Slot Close
  • Falcons add Pistol Strong, Wing, Wing Slot, Tight Slots, Y-Off Trips, and Full House
  • Giants include Wildcats
  • Rams include I Type Close
  • Saints include I Form Slot, Handgun Y-Trips, and Weapon Heavy Saint
  • Seahawks add Handgun Capacity
  • Steelers add I Type Close Flex
  • Texans add Single back Wing Tight Z, Doubles Off Close, Y-Trips, I Form Pro, I Form Slot, and Strong Z Close
  • Vikings add I Form Close and Slot Close


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Together that’s a total of 26 formation modifications, a few teams seeing more than others, and there’s no doubt this could impact competitive play.

Falcons, Saints, and Texans might join Best Madden 23 Playbooks

Journeys TE, Gun Bunch, Bunch TE, and Weapon Y Off Journeys were all early favorites among the Madden 23 playbooks when the game initially got here.

It’s difficult to definitively state out of the gate how much effect these changes will have, as it will require time for top gamers to find out whether these changes provide brand-new meta plays to use.

It’s likewise worth noting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook was an early offending preferred generally near the leading 5 among players, and the little addition of Strong Slot might give it a hair more versatility.

These saw the lot of development modifications, and a few of those aren’t away from previously recognized leading developments.

At a glance, the most likely modifications to have a major effect are to the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Houston Texans.


With a Y Trips or Y Off Journeys addition to each of those 3 playbooks, in addition to other changes, they have actually got the most possible to become a new powerhouse.


The changes come fresh off the MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament, so we may see total technique change in the buildup to the next big MCS event.