How many forms of Viwillon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Villon is a Pokémon like a bug/flying, which evolves from Scatter bugs found on the early Scarlet & Violet maps. If you first saw how your Scatter bug evolved, you may have noticed a unique pattern of Vision wings and how much it is different from what is usually shown in other regional puppies (pinkish tint). This is because Division has more than one form. Each form is characterized by one thing: a pattern of wings.

Each form of Villon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Technically, there is only one form of Vision in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and this is a bizarre form. This is the design of Vision with green wings, registered in your pole. Each Scatter bug and Spew pa in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet evolve in Fancy Form Villon.


However, Vision has 18 forms as a whole. Your Scatter bug and Spew pa simply do not evolve in any of them Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The form in which Vision evolves depends on where it evolves. And in Pale it is Fancy Form.

Nevertheless, here is the list of all other forms of Villon that the developed SPE WPA can have:

  • The form of the archipelago
  • Form of sandstorm
  • Polar form
  • Continental form
  • Marine form
  • The shape of the river
  • Ice snow form
  • The shape of the ocean
  • Tundra shape
  • The shape of the Satan
  • Elegant form
  • Meadow form
  • Form of the jungle
  • Form of the garden
  • Modern form
  • Mus son’s form
  • Form of high plains
  • The shape of the sun
  • Form of poke ball

How to get all forms of division

The only way to get every form of Villon in Pokemon is to play Pokémon Go and Travel. The list of captured monsters Pokémon Go depends on the region. If you could fly to places such as Great Britain and Japan, your Spew pa could turn into a special view of Villon. You can also transform your other divisions from past games using Pokemon Home.

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