Pokemon Scarlet and Violetta – Sprigatito Final Evolution

Everyone loves good old cat Pokémon, such as Kitten and Opigatito. Cute cats, after. It would also be nice if they could remain on all fours and grew up like any other cats in the world. But does this refer to the final evolution of the straight in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Let’s find out.

What is turning into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Sprigatito evolves into meuskarada at 36. Meowscaraada-grass/dark-type Pokémon with high speed and a moderately high attack. Its type Grass / Dark makes it difficult to use in PVP due to many disadvantages, but this is an amazing Pokemon for traveling on the main story. We know that he stands on two legs, but this is a wizard, so we miss him!

The best movements for Meowscaraada in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Flower trick
  • U-turn
  • Slash
  • Night slash

A floral trick is an exclusive meowscarada technique that causes guaranteed critical damage. You cannot remove it from your set of movements. Another bonus of attacks of the same type (Stab) from Meowscaraada-Night Slash. Slash is there for lighting. In the end, ordinary movements are rarely strong or weak against other types.


The U-turn here to disable MeowScarada if the enemy is strong against Pokémon like Grass/Dark. If your Pokémon has a cheerful character (+speed, —p. Attack), the U-turn can use additional speed glasses and let meuskarade deliver the first blow. This Pokémon has weak protection and HP, so you need to make sure that it is always the first.

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