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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: One of the planned modes for the game unfortunately is absent

It is likely that this news is like a cold water bucket to part of the Call of Duty community: Modern Warfare 2, but the reality is that the long-awaited CDL Mosh pit playlist, whose debut should happen with the beginning of season 1 of the game, was unexpectedly postponed by the developer. That is, what would be an appetizer for the ranked FPS mode is absent.

Playlist CDL Mosh pit is postponed

Despite the bad news that CDL Mosh pit is not available at the moment, developers are doing their best to make it accessible as soon as possible. In fact, the playlist was launched for November 16, but Tray arch Studios encountered problems with mode and decided to postpone it. They promise that resolving these issues is one of the priorities and will inform the community as soon as possible about the launch.

Therefore, we understand the community should not wait long to see CDL Mosh pit reach the Modern Warfare Multiplayer 2. It is worth reinforcing that the playlist is ideal for all those who want to train before the arrival of the ranked ones, offering competitiveness more seriously.


Ranked MW2 only in 2023

Regarding the ranked ones, it is known that they will arrive only during the year 2023. However, there is no launch window yet. On the other hand, developers have already given some interesting details about what we will have: various competitive game modes with players-based divisions, a statistics system, a rating table of the 250 best players and of course rewards.

Now, if you still play the ranked modes in Call of Duty: Vanguard or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it is important to know that they will be disabled as soon as the ranked start in Modern Warfare 2. Still, rest assured, because the ones Developers will announce the dates in advance for you to prepare.