SWC 2022 Koreas leading Duchan, World Finals Semifinals

Duncan, the only representative of SWC 2022, has succeeded in advance to the World Finals semifinals. In the SWC 2022 World Finals quarter-finals held in Sang am Colosseum on the 12th, Duncan broke three-to-one against the US representative Erewhile.


In the first set, DUNCAN picked up an arm Dragon Knight, which is a 100% pick, and EREWHILE uses a cancer grave and water oracle to secure many CCs. In the game, the CC was lucky to continue to hit Duncan’s Am Dragon Knight, and Duncan’s aim was completely sealed. Eventually, the first set returned to Erewhile’s arms.

DUNCAN, who was injured, chose the Queen of the cancer desert, another 100% pick in the second set, but was van at the last stage, and instead he designated Punk Logo as a leader. EREWHILE chose the light graveyard that the opponent was the most embarrassed, but this was not enough to catch up with the opponent’s Attack speed. As soon as the game began, Duncan’s Robot and Yo-Yo Must hit a wide range of attacks and put a lot of damage to the enemy, and the game was completed without reversal.

EREWHILE noticed that his main servitor was slower than his opponent and brought the Punk Sky Surfers to Surplice in three sets. Duncan chose the same pick and completed a combination of high firepower. At the beginning of the game, Erewhile’s cancer-based Oracle did not continue the attack on his first turn, and Duncan, who was starting out at once, drove the game and caught the opponent’s main dealer, Webmaster. Since then, the workshop has continued, but Duncan, who has a numerical advantage, continued to drive the CC, succeeded in the set score reversal.

In the fourth set, Light Weapon Master, the core pick of Erewhile, was released, and Duncan’s signature pick was also released. With each other’s favorite picks, the game was fierce. Duncan attacked his opponent’s weapon master, while Erewhile aimed for his opponent’s Am Dragon Knight. The first thing that fell here was Punk Weapon Master, and Duncan, who started the point, drove the attack and advanced to the semifinals with a set score of 3 to 1.