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So are the three Street Fighter 6 control modes, including a crushing for rookies

Traditional struggle video games can be considered a Genus Niche , since most of them need great dedication to extract all their potential. And the saga Street Fighter is no stranger to a very demanding electronic leisure, especially in online modes, where the most experienced players dominate their own communities without contemplation. With the aim of opening its fetish franchise to a new audience, Cap com h presented the three control modes that will be offered in Street Fighter 6, with the clsic , the modern and a new one called dynamic , colloquially known Machacabotones , especially indicated for rookie players who just want to have a good time without complications.

Cap com details the Street Fighter 6 control modes

Thus, collects the Game Inform, Street Fighter 6 will offer up to three control modes. The clsic will be that of a lifetime, which will choose the usual Street Fighter player who offers a total control of the fighter with its usual movements, combos and special techniques. On the other hand, modern control adds combos sisted to the formula, also simplifying the entry of buttons and addresses of the pad, all to simplify the game experience and minimally lower the entrance door to the game.

Finally, the so-called dynamic control mode allows players without experience in fighting games can enjoy some games only in local mode by way of fun, with no more pretensions than enjoy Street Fighter 6 without having to learn the bic movements. This mode resorts to the artificial intelligence to decide for the player the best movements from the actions with the command; While the player decides the jumps, the elusive or the direction of the fighter, the AI decides at all times which attack is the best in each ce. Hence, colloquially knows machacabotones.

In a normal fighting game, when players squeeze the buttons randomly, they only throw a lot of blows. We wanted something that made the difference by pressing random buttons, explained the game director, Kabuki Okayama .


It is expected that Street Fighter 6 will reach the market at some time of 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s.