NC Yoon Song -yi CSO and a book that binds AI in the world scholarship.

On the 1st, NC soft published the book ‘The Most Human Future’, which presents a new ethical and philosophical topic in the AI era.

The most human future is the book that NC soft Soon Songhai, chief strategic director (CSO), has shared the world-class scholarship with philosophers, sociologists, ethics, and engineers. Based on the new coexistence between humans and AI, we have dealt with the issues that come to mind in the AI era and future from various perspectives such as ethics, education, philosophy, and society, beyond engineering discussions.

The AI framework is a year-round planning project for NC soft for ‘Digital Responsibility-AI Ethics’, one of the core values of ESG management. Since April 2021, it has been published on official YouTube and blogs for one year, and has recorded 1.7 million cumulative views. Five world scholars including Harvard University, Stanford University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) participated.

NC soft Soon Songhai, CSO, said in a book prologue, The delicate interest and questions of more people in accordance with AI must continue. I wish you an opportunity to activate.

Meanwhile, the NC soft Nonprofit Foundation’s NC Foundation has been thinking about the development of Stanford University, MIT and AI ethical curriculum since 2020 for the ethical use of AI technology. Since last year, it has been supporting the development of Embedded Ethics curriculum for human-centered AI in conjunction with Harvard University.

NC soft delivers books to future generations to the AI convergence-based education high school, AI industry-academic cooperation institution and university to spread the need for leadership and ethical perspectives in the AI era. In addition, the entire revenue of the book is donated to the NC Foundation and used to sponsor the AI ethical curriculum research.