Who is Davo Sculdun in Andorra? Galaxies War explained

With three remaining episodes in Ardor season 1, the slow boiling begins to whistle like a teapot as tensions and events accelerate. In the political aspect of things, Mon Mothma is found in a financial dilemma that can alert the empire about its clandestine activities with the rebels. His banker Day Kola friend, having anticipated this, suggests a financial one that can help; A Chandrillan bully called Dave Sudden. Objective Who is this mysterious criminal Dave Sudden in Ardor?

Dave Sudden is associated with a criminal organization?

Image Source: Darth Maul #3 ~ Marvel Comics

The brief scene reveals little, but Sudden is a new Star Wars character and apparently a head of organized crime with a lot of money. It is the richest thug of all, according to Kola, and when Mothma asks what Sudden of a senator who strangely loses 400,000 credits, Kola replies: He will think you are like everyone else with whom he works.

Crime bosses and organized crime cartels are not a new concept in Star Wars; Preliminary work sat in New Hope by mentioning Jabba the Hutt and the appearance of the chief of crime in return of the Jedi. Since then, the concept has expanded greatly in several forms of media.

Who does Sudden work for Ardor?

Ardor takes place five years before New Hope and five years after alone, so, according to the current canon, there are at least five great known crime unions: the Hunt clan, Crimson Dawn (presumably still directed by Maul), The black sun, the Sykes and the Oxymora union. Sudden could be part of these or lead a new union never seen in Star Wars.

There are no solid clues about which organization, if any, works or leads Sudden. Even so, the closest track would be with the Oxymora union, mentioned in the novel aftermath as destroyed by the Empire in 0aby in an unplanned war in the underworld. The events that occur in Ardor could lead to this event in the novel.

Anyway, Ardor is putting all his efforts even in the most ethical leaders of the rebellion. Who knows who more will be involved in the growing rebellion, but at least we can give you an idea. Who is Dave Sudden.

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