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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Gold

In our Guide for the Gold Calls in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , you can find out:

  • How you get gold offenses for all weapons
  • How to unlock the camo challenges


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How do I unlock gold offenses in Cod: Modern Warfare 2?

The good news in advance: It is much easier to free the weapons in modern Warfare 2 GOLDS than in the previous code parts. Because you no longer have to unlock all standard offenses for each weapon individually. Instead, each weapon offers up to four camouflages for free spins. Once unlocked with this weapon, you can use the camouflages on any weapon.

The challenge for the gold start You will receive if you have unlocked the maximum four standard offenses for a weapon.

Where can I find the camo challenges?

Go to the equipment menu, choose a weapon and opens the weapon smith . Then select the Change category at the top of the menu and click on camouflage. All camo challenges are displayed here.

How do I get new camo challenges?

She unlocks the camouflage challenges by upgrading a weapon . If you have reached the corresponding level with the weapon, the challenge will be accessible. These mostly consist of making kills in a certain way.

Example: All camo challenges for the Pastor 762 (assault rifle)

camouflage Weapons level for activation Challenge
City leaves 2 Achieve 50 kills with: Pastor 762.
Tear open 8 Achieve 20 kills with: Pastor 762.
Forest ice cream 14 Reach 50 UV shots with: Pastor 762.
Red tiger stripes 20 Achieve 15 kills from behind with: Pastor 762.

unlock the gold staring

If you have made the up to four camo challenges of a weapon, you can make the gold camo challenge . With the Pastor 762, for example, you have to create three kills in a life and repeat the whole ten times.

Latin, Polyatomic and Orion free spins-that’s how it works

After the gold start, however, it is not yet over. There are three other special camouflages for each weapon :

Latin : You have to unlock several gold offenses in the same weapon category-the number differs depending on the arms category.
Polyatomic : You have to complete 51 platinum challenges.
Orion : You have to complete 51 polyatomic challenges.

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