Symbiogenesis is not parite Eve, but Square Enixs new NFT

Our joy in a well. The more hype, the harder the final announcement is. Square Enix had recently registered The name of Biogenesis and the networks had not taken to burn at the possibility of the name of a new parite Eve . The company itself had given wings to lucubration and everything seemed to indicate that AYA break would soon return to our lives. But no, it turns out. Biogenesis is nothing more than Square Enix’s lt bet for NFT .

Through a tweet, the dealing h presented symbiogeneis a Collectible NFT art project that will reach us in spring of 2023 . In a related press relee, Square Enix talks about the art of biogenesis will be used avatar on social networks and a character in a story that takes place in an alternative world where we must unravel a mystery completing Missions about the monopolization and distribution of resources . Seeing is believing. A criticism of NFT turned into… an NFT.

We will have to continue waiting to see our beloved AYA back, of which we have no news from The 3rd Birthday , exclusive PSP delivery that will be launched in 2010. We will also have to get used to the new business vision of Square Enix, who plunged into the wave of the NFT and the Cryptos, comes from announcing a similar project, Cloud Strife NFT , which becomes, its name indicates, a digital version… of a Physical figure .

Yoke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, h made it clear that the company fervently believes that the NFTs will become a trend and ensures that, despite the suspicion and the noisy reception of the players, the user be will expand quickly. To return in NFT format, better to leave EVE parite it is .