Halloween Overwatch 2: Challenges, rewards and skins to win for free during the event

The Halloween horror has arrived in Overwatch 2 on October 25th and remains until November 8 . In addition to inging a new themed game mode, the event ings challenges that give cosmetic content. The first game system did not stay when becoming free-to-play. Now the rewards within the game are simpler, but Blizzard is compensating by offering legendary skins for free.

Check out the cosmetics and skins available to collect for free at OW2 during the Halloween event.

Challenges from Halloween in Overwatch 2

First, by simply logging in from 25 October the player receives free visual Reaper Captain Cursed (a Blizzard apology for the instability that marked the release of the game). But beyond this skin, you need to face different challenges to get the other rewards. See what are all challenges of the Overwatch 2: Halloween event

Rewards from Halloween in Overwatch 2

As seen above, most rewards are Overwatch 2. Heroes lines. By completing all challenges the player gets 10,000 Exp from the battle pass . Cosmetic contents are:

legendary visual reaper cursed captain
pumpkin weapon pendant
spray zodiac’s
spray pasta la Puerto

Another skin is being given by Blizzard for free during this period: Winston Werewolf , as well as the spray Winston Worry . But to get this content the mission is out of the game: you need to participate in the Twitch drop campaign. Learn how here.

Where to find the challenges of the Halloween event in Overwatch 2?

The locations of the challenges have changed! From now on, you go to the Challenges tab and then to the under-menu event to consult all available challenges -you can check your progress as well. Rewards can only be collected until November 8, so don’t expect much if any cosmetic item caught your attention.