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The third popular series is Survival Road Trip ADV! Approach the charm of MONSTER PROM 3: MONSTER ROADTRIP! [Play in Digebo! ]

Play in Diego! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the third work of the popular battle-type romance sim MONSTER PROM series, a road trip adventure game with survival elements, MONSTER PROM 3: MONSTER ROAD TRIP .

This work was distributed on Steam on October 22, 2022, by Beautiful Glitch based in Barcelona, Spain. The first work of the MONSTER PROM series was released in April 2018. Love sim that can be played quickly in a short time (30-60 minutes), and up to online PVP was attracting attention.

The reply to the game system was the ADV THE YANG released on Steam in May 2013. This is a multiplayer type (up to 4 people) that can be played in a short time (about 30 minutes). The results of the actions have increased or decrease and the parameters increase or decrease, and what role can be played for the disaster of the Yang, which attacks six weeks later.

The first MONSTER PROM has sublimated the serious and despair THE YANG into a comedy-like romance sim. Players become high school students where monsters go, and make a lover and enter the proven (parties before high school) three weeks later. Because it is a familiar theme of school food, it has a good idea.

Pop anime-style illustrations are easy to accept for Japanese people, but unfortunately there is no Japanese support. However, there are a lot of Japanese gamers who have studied English at MONSTER PROM. There are many phrases that can be used on a daily basis (although there are many conversations that are not used in everyday life), so it may be good to play in English conversation.

In the second work MONSTER PROM 2: MONSTER CAMP released in October 2020, summer camp is set. The system itself basically follows the previous work, and attacks the child you want on the last day of the camp. It’s like a minor change version of the previous work, so if it’s the first play in the series, I think it’s easier to attach from the previous work.

And this is the third work, but the theme is Road Trip as the title suggests. The game system and concept have been significantly changed from the first and second work, and it is a survival ADV that requires resource management. In addition, the map is a life game style that chooses a destination from one screen fixed. Let’s play what kind of game it is.

The beginning of the trip!

There are offline and online . 1-4 people can play , and if you are offline, you will be pas splay. At the end of the game, there is Friend Hugger mode where you can easily play without ranking the winner or loser. If you use this, you don’t have to be a friendship destruction game.

The difficulty is three stages. With Easy , the initial resources are increased, making it easier to enjoy the ADV part. Conversely, hard is less resources and the resource changes in the game increase. This time, I want to enjoy survival, so let’s go with normal .

Select player character. Since we have purchased four DLC characters, you can choose from 8 people in all. This time, let’s go with fan (on the image) of DLC character, Magical Cat, which has a visual impact. It is a character that seems to be on the huge bulletin board 2channel (currently 5 channel). In the previous work, it was a kitten working as a bartender (lower image), but it has grown a lot. By the way, the synonym for name and gender can be changed. The pronouns include THEY besides HE and She.

A fan who goes to the road trip with the wolf Scott and the ghost Polly . As before, it is not a fixed map, but the destination is selected with two choices. If you add the cursor to your destination, it will tell you roughly which parameters will increase or decrease.

Game commentary by Scott and Polly. There are six resources: Hype, Magic, Mind, Money, Soul, and Stamina , and the game is over when one runs out. You have to reach your destination while managing resources.

Click the tab on the right side of the screen to see the amount required to reach six destinations. You have to think about which resources to increase intensively.

The event that flew away is crowded!

I chose Fancy Motel as a destination. Here are three options: Make calls the front, go to the bar, and search for amenities . It is unknown which resources increase or decrease. Let’s go to the bar because it is a great deal.

At the bar, alcohol was given from players, warlock and mercenary corps. Choice of whom to talk to. When I chose the mercenary corps, I was invited to say, I’m going to assassinate at work, but there are a lot of machine guns. Would you like to participate? Participated in the mission to kill the criminals in the casino, and instead of reducing the Seoul by 2, money increased by 2 as a reward.

Next, we arrived at National Park. The ↑ ↓ mark on the right of the option is one of the resources, but one drops. Although it is a game with a strong lucky way through the series, this work may be clearly specified in the resources that increase or decrease, so let’s use it well to reduce the number of luck. For example, if you choose Hiking at the bottom, something goes up instead of stamina.

As a result of choosing Going to hike, I encountered Osman who appeared in the previous work. While strolling in the park together, we have to fight the devil for some reason to save the forest crisis. The event that flew away continues from a while ago, but it is quite fun with a bit of a punch. As a result, instead of reduced by stamina, magic increased by 2.

When playing for the first time, you may be able to tell you the capture information when you move the car. There is a lot of useful information, such as what kind of mechanism the resources increase or decrease, so it is better to read it carefully. The trip has just begun.

At the end of the journey

After passing four destinations, you will reach the rest area (one week has passed). Here you can select one of the five places. In multiplayer, places other than cars will be first come, first served.

When you select a place where Scott and Polly are sitting, select Which way to talk. When you have a conversation, you can get a passive effect that lasts for one week, increase or decrease in resource +1. This time, select Polly.

We will select the topic and have a conversation. This time, I was told a lot about what ghost life was. But the impact of the fan’s visuals is amazing.

The following week, a new icon appears in the options. You can choose from three types of resources, small, normal, and many. It’s up to the player to make a safe choice, make a big bet, and what to do.

At the next rest area, I entered a store that can be exchanged. The resources increase or decrease with the ones to be presented and received. There is no specification what will increase or decrease, so you have to guess it for the purpose of the item.

A party who achieved the conditions while doing resources and managed to reach the destination. Please check with your own eyes to see what fate is waiting for.

Survival Road Trip ADV full of events

This work has changed from a concept like a romance sim from the previous work and previous work to a life game survival ADV, where you can enjoy a fluffy road trip with your friends. Anyway, the event is fun. Compared to before, it has a lot of textbooks and the play time is longer, but you can save on the way, so it is better to play over time.

Increase or decrease in resources, which is the core of this work, but can be guessed to some extent. For example, if you spend money, money will increase or decrease in money, and stamina will increase if events such as using physical strength or eating. Is it easy to capture if you raise your target resources while giving the highest resource to 0?

Once cleared, the Prank Master mode will be unlocked when replayed. It is a so-called friendship destruction mode that actively determines the winning or losing (some notes are not Beautiful Glitch. As with the previous work, the previous work, but unfortunately this work has no Japanese support. If you focus only on the increase or decrease in resources, you will not be able to play even if you can not read English, but the main of this work will be the flying story and conversation. It is an illustration that is easy to accept in Japan, so I would like to look forward to future developments.

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