Released in 2023 at Steam at the Touhou Danmakkagura Fantasia Lost -October 28 Touhou Danmakkagura rebuilding work on October 28

Unknown X has announced that it will release Thou Denmark Laura Fantasia Lost in 2023.

This work is a rebuilding work drawn in a new story as a standalone version of the Rhythm Game Thou Danmakkagura for the first official smartphone for the Thou Project. Thou Dana Laura is a rhythm action game for smartphones released on August 4, 2021, based on the concept of Thou Project’s first official secondary creative rhythm action game. Although more than 120 popular arrangement songs were implemented, more than 5 million people played, but the service ended on October 28, 2022. This time, it seems that Thou Denmark Agra Fantasia Lost has been released as a standalone version (Steam) so that you can continue playing the game.

In this work, operations are optimized for game pads and controllers. There is a story mode and free mode instead of the transplant version of the smartphone app Thou Denmark Laura. In the story mode, we will travel to collect lost memory Miami cards, aiming to revive the Sensory, which was drawn by Hiroshi Fujiyama (Storybook). In free mode, you can freely play unlocked songs in story mode. Songs will be added by updates and additional LCS.

From November 4, crowdfunding will be held at CAMPFIRE. If the target amount is 15,000,000 yen or more, it will also be developed in the Nintendo Switch version. The support with the return of the game code along with the right to read and the wallpaper with the unknown x diary is from 6,600 yen, and the support from the digital deluxe version of Game Main Story + DLC Content is from 16,800 yen. The delivery plans are in December 2023.

Thou Danmakkagura Fantasia Lost will be released on Steam in 2023.