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Marvel Snap: The best cards you can win in the game

Since its global release, Marvel Snap has been having almost 240 different cards. If you are an avid player you can get new cards every day to increase your collection, progressing by levels and can increasingly set up various decks to face the goal, increasing your range of top decks of the game.

You should know that getting cards in Marvel Snap is done from a different set depending on your collection level.

If your collection level is between 18 and 214, you are more likely to receive letters from pool 1. *
If your collection level is between 222 and 474, you are more likely to receive letters from pool 2.
If your collection level is above level 486, you will probably get cards from pool 3.

If you are lucky, you can put your hands on the best cards of each pool of letters very early. The selection below shows the best letters obtained in each pool.

The best cards in pool 1

Intel 18 to 214

In a deck that seeks to play multiple low cost cards, Angela will usually have 7 power, which is colossal for such a low cost.
Still in the Swarm archetype, Bishop is an asset that will be huge at the end of the duel.
Lady Sigh * is the letter that perfectly matches apocalypse .
Apocalypse * is the basis of most disposal decks, which are super strong at the end of pool 1.

America Chavez * is a six guaranteed shift, which is still thrown even in pool 2 and pool 3.
Devil Dinosaur is the source of some archetypes that work with a full hand.
ONSLAUGHT (massacre) is the condition of victory for creating decks On Going, continuous in Portuguese.
* Kong is an excellent shift 1 play, always annoying for the opponent.

The best letters in pool 2

Intel 222 to 474

HOBGOBLIN * is an inherently strong letter, but it is shine more in the destroyer archetype.
Jubilee (Jubilee) is a very specific letter, but it can become matches.
Kill monger signs the Swarm archetype death sentence if you are facing many opponents using this tactic.
Infant * requires a little deck construction, but in combination with sunspot (sunscreen) is a key card in goal pool 2.
Iceman (Iceman) is one of the best shift cards one of the game, always annoying the opponent.
Swarm (swarm) is very good in the DISCARD archetype.
* Scorpion (Scorpio) is one of the best to play on shift 2 of the game.

The best cards of pool 3

Ives 486 and +

WONG * Restore the shine in pool 3 for the Odin Tiger archetype. It produces absolutely insane game rounds.
Era is the letter that gives rise to the miracle decks on Marvel Snap. Allows a complete round, with associations such as mystique (mystical) + Iron Man (Iron Man).
LOCKJAW can create explosive situations.
wave (wave) has the good taste to allow crazy combos in the final shifts while disturbing aggressive opponents.
At the origin of the archetype of the same name,
Destroyer (Destroyer) is an extraordinary finisher.
Death is a very lucrative letter in the archetype of destroyer .
Patriot gives rise to the archetypes of tokens, very powerful in pool 3.
* mystique (mystical) takes off the dust from the archetype on going (continuous) in pool 3.