FIFA 23: Play with 11 goalkeepers? It is possible and very funny

Since its launch on September 27, FIFA 23 has been an absolute success of sales, even though a portion of fans has not enjoyed so much gameplay changes. This last edition of the game before the change to EA Sports FC ings its portion of new features, such as Super kick and Crossly, in order to ing impactful news to the franchise.

But as we thought it would take time until some player with crazy ideas appeared, one of them decided to participate in a totally unusual match at Pro Clubs, betting on a formation with 11 goalkeepers.

ten more goalkeepers cannot hurt


It all happened when a player named kraut gazer decided to shake things by adding ten more goalkeepers to traditional formation. A team with eleven goalkeepers in total is the best way to make sure you will not concede any goals… in theory.

To the great surprise of the Reddit user and his friends, who played with him in this totally crazy club, some players can still score six goals even in a team entirely formed by goalkeepers. Did we even ask if the presence of eleven goalkeepers in the same place would not complicate your task? In fact, so many people in such a small space limit the movements of all and thus the windows open from time to time.

In addition, some bugs prevent the proper functioning of this configuration because yes, when several goalkeepers throw themselves in the same ball, the game tends to bug up a little, which is expected, since it is not common to climb 11 goalkeepers on the same team

Anyway, this player with unusual ideas has proved that having only 1 goalkeeper can be more effective to conceding few goals than using 11 at the same time. Although it is a completely crazy approach, it will surely be followed by some other players over the coming weeks.