How to get more MT in the new season of NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 is the latest version of the NBA 2K series of basketball video games. Like the previous games in the series, NBA 2K23 is a simulation of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in which players use avatars of real-life NBA teams and players. To provide the best gaming experience, we provide various tips and tricks on how to get NBA 2K23 MT fast. We also offer a wide selection of NBA 2K MT so you can get the most out of the game!

How to get MT in NBA 2K23
The easiest way to get MT in NBA 2K23 is to sell some gamers through the NBA 2K23 Player Auction. You can quickly sell players and items for a pre-set cost or try to get more by listing them on the marketplace.

You can profit by acquiring players below their value in the marketplace and selling them. Remember to choose to sell at the peak of the deal! It is generally sold during the weekend break beginning Friday morning, then waiting for the calmer Sunday night to collect.

If you’re smart, you can invest in cards that will appreciate over time. Learn about locker codes posted on the NBA 2K website and events at the end of each season, as they usually require an Economy Card at the start of the game. Their value suddenly increases over time.

Another option is to play the game – you will earn MT by completing NBA 2K23 matches, which will add up quickly, especially when you earn Active MT by completing landmarks. Participating in regular division matches and team fights is one of the most effective methods, as some lower levels still offer MT as a reward.

Can you buy NBA 2K23 MT?
Technically, you can’t buy NBA 2K MT from 2K or any major retailer – but third-party player exchanges can quickly get MT; players can delegate MT they don’t need through NBABUYMT. Where are you? Not only can you get MT, but you can exchange your excess NBA 2K23 MT for real money.